So embarrassing

Well I did it, I started writing a blog, its scary stuff, you’re putting your whole life up online, and for me its gutsy, sorry couldn’t resist. What I mean is I’m opening up about my life, how it feels to live with long term illnesses, even those closest to me don’t know the ins and out of my toilet habits or darkest thoughts, well they didn’t.

I’m pretty sure that many would have read my blog wincing, thinking how could she, oh it’s so embarrassing, we don’t talk about poo, or for the boys out there that still think ladies don’t poo, well I have news for you ladies and gentlemen EVERYONE poos, just some do more than others.

Sure I’ve lost a few Facebook friends over it, aarrhh fuck-um, they’re probably the ones that rolled their eyes at my posts of my beautiful son anyway, and besides who needs friends anyway.

I’m not embarrassed anymore, I refuse to be embarrassed and apologies for being ill, living with illnesses is hard enough without adding other peoples shame on top.

Well that’s how I wish I could feel and how all people struggling with their health should feel, except I am not, all too often I’m both ashamed and embarrassed by my health. No one asks to be ill or likes it, it just happens and you have to find a way to cope. Unfortunately, shame and embarrassment is another unfortunate side-effect of living with chronic illnesses, except know one warns you about it and there’s no treatment.

Having said all that I’ve also had some amazing feedback and received many kind words of support since writing my blog, all of which was really unexpected and exciting, so thank you everyone.

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